Central Bank of Kuwait

Concept Design
Show Design
Art Direction
Central Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait city
Motion graphics by Lightrythmvisuals & Pixshake
Pyro motion graphics by Ruggieri
Laser motion graphics by Focalise
Produced by Al Raisi Group



A spectacular concept design for the Grand Opening show of the new headquarters of the Central Bank of Kuwait. The storyline was built based on the 6 coins and 6 bills of the Kuwaiti dinar, from the lowest to the highest face value. An intro, 12 scenes of 2 to 3 minutes each, plus a finale. The scenic design was built in layers. First, on the water of the nearby Shark harbor with a dhow boat used to recreate the logo of the Bank, a set of spectacular water fountains with video projections, and live aquatic performances. Then, on the surrounding marina with giant led screens, audio and ground performers. Finally on the building itself and the space around it transformed into a giant video mapping surface, equipped with lighting features, color laser mapping, and tailor-made pyro effects.

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