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Concept / Storytelling / Scenic Design / Show Design / Show Direction / Art Direction / Story boarding / Visuals
Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center, Kuwait
Motion graphics by Dirty Monitor
Lighting Design by François Vandermeeren
Music by Thomas Sohet
Produced by Laser Systems Europe



Grand opening ceremony show of the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center, in the presence of His Highness the Emir of Kuwait, and live on national TV in 2018. The show was a perfect blend of spectacular performances and technology, such as an incredibly realistic tyrannosaurus rex from Japan, a performing giant puppet, or breathtaking aerial and pyro performances. The storyline was inspired by the different sections of the Cultural Center, including a Natural History Museum, a Science and Technology Museum, a fine Arts Center, an Arabic Islamic Museum, and a Space Museum. The scenic design was based on 8 robotic arms moving LED panels in different positions over a dune landscape.


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