Concept / Scenic Design / Art Direction
Fête des Lumières, Lyon 2010
Marmara Forum, Istanbul 2011
Festival of Lights, Jerusalem 2011
Luminale, Frankfurt 2012
Switch On Beijing 2012
Amsterdam Light Festival 2012
Astana Nauriz 2013
Lux Helsinki 2015
Winter Lights London 2017
Light City, Baltimore 2017
Garden of Lights, Kuwait 2019
Sculpture by Pol Marchandise & Mostafa Hadi
Lighting design by Koert Vermeulen
Curated by Sandrine Barbeaux



OVO is a multi-sensory experience composed of a monumental wooden ovoid sculpture set on a water stage, a lighting design, a misting effect and a soundscape. The visitor is invited to walk on the water inside of the installation. The liquid surface reflects the wooden structure, the lighting, and also the silhouettes of the visitors creating ripples on the water surface as they pass by. From inside, the ovoid structure presents its crossing lines converging to the zenith and symbolically connecting into an invisible point in the open sky above, suggesting a strong sense of intensity and connection to the essence of nature.

The egg as a symbolic form, refers to the origin of life and stands as a symbol of the Creation in most civilizations, religions and mythology. Its natural form and pure simplicity is universally recognizable as a cultural symbol of birth, unity and purity. The structure is a combination of 24 crossed spiral pairs, based on the Golden Number. This fractal pattern that exists in nature, reminds an organized structure similar to a pine-cone, a pineapple, a seashell, a DNA strip, or a galaxy.

The ovoid structure is composed of 356 pieces of pine wood selected for its sustainable origins and its durability, bolted in almost invisible seams, assembled in a double helix pattern to create a 7m high monumental ovoid sculpture. The double helix pattern creates a set of 316 diamond shapes of different sizes, and two big triangular entrances.

The wooden structure is animated with loops of lighting cues, misting projections and a gentle and relaxing soundscape, resulting in a random combination of unique moments. This combination of dynamic elements transforms the static sculpture into an art installation where the weather conditions, the reflections on the water surface and the different points of view of the visitor also contribute to the multi-sensory experience.

This art installation causes no waste, as all elements are reused in further exhibitions, and can be fully recycled at the end of its life. Ovo has been presented to worldwide audiences in several famous light art festivals and world-class events since its creation in 2010 at the Lyon’s Festival des Lumières. It is available either in a temporary version or in a permanent version.

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