VTM 25 years

Show Design / Scenic Design
Nieuwpoort aan Zee beach (B)
Directed by Dirk Decloedt
Lighting Design by Luc Peumans
Puppetry by Dundu
Produced by Medialaan



To celebrate its 25th anniversary in summer 2014, VTM, the biggest television company in Belgium wanted a breathtaking outdoors show on the beach, for approx. 20 000 viewers. The storyline of the show was based around two giant light puppets, walking through the audience, going to sit on their sand-art made sofa to watch the television on a giant water screen set on the sea. Soon, the television program spreads out of the screen, and becomes a global live show on the beach, including lighting effects, laser show, water fountains, and pyro effects.

The show has been awarded with 2 silver awards at the 2014 European Best Event Awards held in Sevilla, Spain, in the categories “Best Celebration/Festivity” and “Best Execution”.

Best Celebration/Festivity was a category with heavy weight competitors, as the Ceremonies of the Olympic Games, the Champions League of Real Madrid, and the Heineken Ibiza Final.

For the best Execution category, the criteria were the quality of the direction, of the show design, and of the audio and video production.




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